Cloud and External Infrastructure

Infrastructure StrategyMaking the transition to an external infrastructure provider requires a complex mix of technology, organization, process, policy and contract evaluations and adjustments. We help you understand why it is critical to tackle this transformation holistically and then guide you through each aspect, leveraging our experience to avoid major pitfalls. Together we determine the pros, cons, impacts and approximate costs of moving some or all of the infrastructure to an external infrastructure provider.

Infrastructure SelectionWe help you navigate the complex landscape of external infrastructure providers, leveraging our knowledge of the critical business, technical, contractual and process requirements that quickly lead to a short list of providers. We help determine if you will be best served by one of the big three providers or by some of the 30 enterprise-focused providers. We coach your team through a selection approach that is transparent, puts aside preconceived provider biases, and is based on clear selection criteria. Once a provider is selected, we can help you negotiate a contract that fulfills your needs while being fair to the provider.

Infrastructure MigrationWe help you make the leap. Migrating to an external infrastructure provider is a significant change for IT applications teams, IT infrastructure teams and a wide array of business teams. As an objective third party, we can guide your teams through this emotionally challenging initiative while keeping your provider’s team in check.

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