Combining people with technology

Our business model is not to just sell IT but to become trusted advisors to our clients

About Us

Hitco is an executive Information Technology Consulting and Advisory Firm. We specialize in combining people with technology to deliver the Business of IT. We partner with C-Level Executives and their organizations to help them understand how their IT assets can be optimized and leveraged to their strategic advantage to drive innovation and accelerate business transformation.

Hitco is comprised of senior operating executives – CIOs and experienced IT consultants – with over 100 years of aggregate badged experience with leading technology companies and firms from multiple industries.

With capabilities including IT Business Management Consulting, IT Advisory, and IT Infrastructure Optimization, our integrated businesses provide value to the organizations and communities we serve.

We deliver this value through planning, assessing, designing and executing while combining our deep expertise in technology, while understanding their industry operations unique to them. Our business model is not to just sell IT but to become trusted advisors to our clients.

The Hitco Advantage

Leading with perspective as your Trusted Advisor

We move the industry forward without unique insights, points of view, ideas and solutions, leading our clients, partners and each other to think beyond the ordinary

Delivering real impact as your Solver

We analyze your problem and evaluate the bigger picture, then unite the optimal people, processes, and technology to execute the most effective solution

Unlocking tomorrow as your Innovator

We are relentlessly focused on fostering up great strategies, architecting great solutions, and designing for innovation by allowing our clients to see their IT challenges through a different lens





Partnerships & Strategic Alliances

We maintain strategic partnerships with key industry leaders to offer the best possible implementations of today’s innovative technology. These partnerships and the additional expertise that they offer our team allow you to choose HarpData with confidence – knowing that we are being supported by some of the most prominent technology providers in the world today.