Cyber Security

With new cyber threats in the news every day, putting your company on the road to improved security should be a high priority. Our approach goes beyond audit, beyond penetration testing to improve your company’s cybersecurity readiness through comprehensive security risk management. Cybersecurity decisions should be driven from a shared understanding of your organization’s assets, threats, and vulnerabilities so that security investments address the most significant risks.

HarpData offers a comprehensive set of cyber security services that help information security and risk management teams ensure they are making the necessary investments to safeguard their operations and information, while getting the most from each dollar spent on security.

  • Information Security Strategy – Our consultants review your current organizational strategy and assess your existing information security strategy, looking for misalignment and gaps between the two. We then work with your team to design and launch a new information security strategy that aligns with and supports organizational strategy. Our recommendations around risk assessment frameworks and key-performance indicators become core strengths of your new strategy’s success.
  • Development of Right-Sized Policies, Standards and Controls – We are experts at turning information security strategy into usable policies, standards and controls. Our consultants understand the interconnected, additive nature of these elements. Policies that establish easily understood, pragmatic requirements and authority for enforcement support the development of actionable, well- adopted standards. The controls we recommend will be critical to policy and standard enforcement, becoming a major asset to your team in the operational environment and making future audits more efficient.

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