Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Strategy

Business Continuity Assessment and Gap Analysis – We’ll examine your most critical business processes and functions, determine what resources are needed–including premises, people, suppliers and technology. We take a risk-based approach by identifying where your organization is particularly vulnerable to help you direct your BC budget where it’s most needed.

Business Continuity Strategy and Planning – We’ll help you go beyond simply addressing compliance requirements: We’ll develop a disciplined, documented approach to engage your board-level executives, equip your teams to recognize threats to your business, and empower them to take swift and assured action before incidents escalate into major disruptions.

Disaster Recovery Strategy & Design. We’ll consider your infrastructure, applications, staff, and data in our mission to align your Business Continuity program requirements with your IT availability needs.

Disaster Recovery Plan Development. We’ll develop plans and procedures for restoring your critical IT infrastructure, applications, and data in the event of a disruption.