IT Infrastructure

IT Operational Process AssessmentWe assess detailed processes and procedures used by the operational teams (e.g., server operations, network operations, data center operations) to maintain continuous operations. The scope of these assessments often includes IT service management processes such as incident management, problem management, change management and configuration management.

IT Infrastructure ImpactsWe help you determine the impacts of major software implementations on all parts of the IT infrastructure, from workstations to data center facilities. We consider technology, technology support and financial impacts of a wide variety of major software implementations such as electronic medical records (EMR), enterprise resourcing planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM).

Infrastructure Cost Savings Assessment Leveraging a proprietary set of approximately approaches, we help you identify ways to lower the cost of your infrastructure, implement the changes needed to achieve the savings, and develop cost-tracking models to confirm that savings were achieved.

Infrastructure Consolidation Readiness Assessment We assist you in determining the viability, necessity and value of moving to a consolidated server and storage infrastructure. We outline challenges you might face and the strategies to avoid them, preparing you to move forward confidently with an optimized design for migration

Cloud Readiness Assessment At Hitco we provide a structured approach to manage your transition to the cloud. We consider the benefits, risks, and level of change across people, process and technology necessary to transition services to a cloud delivery model aligning your business requirements with the cloud model that fits your organization.