IT Advisory

In today’s dynamic business and technology environments, many IT leaders are looking for ways to better align their operating strategy with the enterprise’s goals and provide increasingly higher levels of service to the business. In some cases, young IT organizations struggle to meet the demands of a growing business, while others find their established capabilities and practices are no longer in harmony with evolving business needs. In both cases, IT leaders are challenged to balance the competitive priorities of the business with the realities of running an effective and efficient IT operation.

Our IT Advisory Services specialists offer the following services, which are tailored to the unique needs of the enterprise and challenges at hand:

We help identify and prioritize your technology-related options, focus on those that drive measurable business outcomes, and develop a roadmap of the activities needed to realize the full power of your IT strategy. HarpData approaches IT strategy and planning in a uniquely dynamic manner that allows for continuous assessment and adjustment as new opportunities arise and market conditions change. We tackle IT strategic planning from three vantage points:

  • Business and IT alignment – Collaborating with business partners to create new business value.
  • IT transformation – Taking an internal view of the IT organization to identify opportunities to increase operational effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Innovation Feasibility Analysis – Helping organizations analyze the viability of implementing new technologies to be able to reap the potential benefits of innovation.
  • IT Due Diligence – Engaging organizations and relevant stakeholders at all levels to guarantee transparency and accountability to determine the strengths and weaknesses of potential IT investments and therefore determine the value of the business with a focus on sustainability, maintenance cost, integration, ramp-up, scalability and evolution capabilities
  • IT Lifecycle – We help you optimize the full lifecycle of your technology, from planning and implementation, to management of your assets all the way to your next refresh. A customized asset management strategy helps to align the management of your IT infrastructure with your business needs.

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