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See how we help organizations manage their IT assets to optimize and leverage their strategic advantage:


We help you navigate the complex landscape of external infrastructure providers, leveraging our knowledge of the critical business, technical, contractual and process requirements that quickly lead to a short list of providers.


We’ll help you determine a strategy for your infrastructure and create a strong foundation for it, so you can support the applications that add value to the business.


We offer a comprehensive set of cyber security services that help information security and risk management teams ensure they are making the necessary investments to safeguard their operations and information.


We engage organizations and relevant stakeholders at all levels to guarantee transparency and accountability to determine the strengths and weaknesses of potential IT investments.

About Hitco

We are an executive Information Technology Consulting and Advisory Firm, specializing in combining people with technology to deliver the Business of IT.

With capabilities including IT Business Management Consulting, IT Advisory, and IT Infrastructure Optimization, our integrated businesses provide value to the organizations and communities we serve.

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