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HITCO offers a combination of cutting-edge services that are essential to organizations and businesses success as well a fully formed network of suppliers and partners to provide products that meet the demands of your growing enterprise. Not only does HITCO serve the education market, but also SMB’s between $500K in revenue up to $250MM in annual revenue that can use our expertise in conquering the digital divide. This combination of products and services allows HITCO to be a full feature consulting and solutions practice, able to deliver value across the spectrums of our targeted industries.

Technology Leadership as a Service

HITCO’s delivery model will utilize fractional CIO/CTOs to consult with you on the best solution for your
organization and implement the solution. HITCO’s proprietary process will address your overall short-and long-term IT strategy and provide the best combination of products and services from our extensive partner network to meet that strategy at an affordable price point.

Vendor Management

We use proven methods to research and propose a product roadmap. We collaborate with clients like you to define your customer-driven MVP (Minimum Viable Product).


HITCO is a full feature managed service provider (MSP) to schools and SMBs in the US. HITCO’s solutions feature fully managed, no-maintenance, high-quality solutions including IT hardware, software, networking, internet and security solutions so that our clients can focus on their core competencies while getting best in class solutions.

Change Management

Change management has become more critical than ever to successful leadership and business growth. The accelerated pace and purpose of technological or process change, along with people’s emotional response to technological advances has added complexity to the challenge. HITCO can support your need for change from a technological and leadership point.

Staff Augmentation

We will help you build ways to acquire talent and/or transfer knowledge. These methods limit the risks to your company of losing critical information.

Business Continuity

Business continuity is about ensuring your organization can continue to function despite emergencies. HITCO’s business continuity planning can help you maintain critical functionality during unforeseen disruptions.